Gotta Go Poncho

  • Pocket-sized Disposable Restroom – Urinal, Fecal Toilet, Poncho (For Privacy) and Cloth Wipes

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    Take a restroom wherever you go… And do your business within the privacy of a non-transparent hooded poncho. Accompanying pee and poop bags are leak proof. Wet cloth wipes are extra large and soft with a soothing formula. All are disposable. For men and women. One size fits all.

    Ideal for road trips, the park, the beach, long walks, running races, music festivals, boats, international travel, demonstrations and practically any other public place without an available sanitary restroom.


About Us

Gotta Go Poncho’s mission is to find practical toilet solutions that liberates customers from the need of public restrooms, preserves their dignity, and prevents the spread of disease related to human waste.

Our invention, the Gotta Go Poncho Restroom System (patent pending), calls on society to challenge the precept that toilets always belong in a walled space.

We are looking for partners at the local and international level who can help mainstream the Gotta Go Poncho concept. Please contact us and get involved.


For sporting events, the Gotta Go Poncho restroom system is an essential item. I wont miss a play in the coming baseball season regardless of amount of beer and hotdogs I consume.

Braves Fan

I love concerts in the park…pikniking with good friends and cold beer on warm summer nights. That is until I have to walk to the periphery of the park to wait in line for the filthy port-a-john. And then weave my way back to the front of the crowd to find my friends and our spot. Gotta Go Poncho is a clean toilet that fits into the picnic basket. It even provides wipes to clean hands before I reach for the bag of the potato chips.


I call on a private pediatric clinics that are spread through the suburbs and towns of Texas. So a lot of my time is spent driving from meeting to meeting. When nature calls during the long drives I pull over, unimpeded and reach for the GGP. The last thing I need is to be written up for an indecent exposure citation. My company is rather strict on the reputation of its sales force. Gotta Go Poncho mitigates that risk.

Pharmaceuticals Representative