Frequently Asked Questions


Is it legal to go to the bathroom in public like this?

Exposing your genitals and leaving your waste out in the open are both perceived as symptomatic of moral decline. Authorities and the law address both. Simply urinating on the side of the highway or in an alleyway in most states is illegal. Albeit a misdemeanor, those charged can be classified as sex offenders. Gotta Go Poncho keeps you within the law. The opaque poncho shields you from public view. The catchment and disposal bags ovide a hygienic disposal method. So, yes, the Gotta Go Poncho method is legal.

Should I feel humiliated to go in public view like this?

Is using a port-a-let humiliating? If not, then this should not be either. To make your experience private, the hooded poncho is made with non-transparent material. The urine and fecal catchment/disposal bags are leak proof and disposable.

Is Gotta Go Poncho a sanitary restroom system?

Yes, and especially so when compared to public bathrooms. Human waste can carry life threatening diseases such as E Coli, Meningitis, Colitis, and Hepatitis A. It’s prudent to assume virtually any surface in a public restroom carries these and other germs. The risk of infection comes from touching the seat, stall door, restroom door or sink. Gotta Go Poncho provides a germ free restroom environment and personal wipes for your own hygiene. And for the public interest, your waste is discarded into leak resistant bags that can discarded with normal household waste (like a diaper).

About the Wipes

Is the wipe designed for my hands, face, genitals or anus?

It is designed for the anus and genitals but can also be used to disinfect the hands. Avoid contact with eyes. If contacted with eyes, flush with water. Avoid use on infants less than two months of age.

What are the active ingredients?

The wipes contain chlorhexidine acetate, a broad spectrum antiseptic that is widely used as a topical applicator.

What are the inactive ingredients?

Each wipe contains extracts of aloe vera, a succulent plant with rejuvenating and soothing properties and extracts of peppermint plant, which brings to the cleaning experience a soft fresh finish.

What material are they made of?

To give an extra soft feel, we use a high quality spunlace and don’t skimp on thickness and sheet size. Each wipe is slightly smaller than a handkerchief and thicker than a standard wet wipe

About the Poncho

Can I re-use the poncho?

Yes. However, because of its thinness, it may tear easily after the first use.

Can extra small and large folks use the poncho?

The poncho fits a range of sizes from 5′ to 6’5″

About the Pee Bag

Can the pee bag overflow or leak?

Our bag can hold 20 ounces which is more than what the average bladder can hold (up to 16 ounces). To prevent leakage, each bag has a zip seal and contains a superabsorbent polymer that transforms urine into gel within seconds. So even a torn bag would have minable leakage.

I’m a woman, how do I do I use the pee bag?

The pee bag is fitted with a foam plastic cuff that when pressed against the body will catch urine from both males and females. See the “How it works” page for more details.

Are their health risks associated with not going when you have to pee?

Holding it is not only discomforting but can contribute to loss of bladder control and bladder infections.

How can I guarantee I won’t miss the bag?

The poop bag utilizes a triple harness fit and catch system that positions the bag snuggly around and under your buttocks. If instructions are followed correctly, the bag will catch feces as it drops downwards.

Am I too large (or small) to use the poop bag

This product is designed for waste (belt) sizes of 24 To 42” The fecal bag can fit an even smaller waste. Larger waste sizes may require extending the tail strap to hold in one of your hands.

About the Environment and Disposing the Used Product

Is this product environmental?

Over 80% of the product (by weight) uses recyclable plastic or paper.Gotta Go Poncho avoids environmental degradation brought by conventional toilets such as the use water and toxic chemicals. It also saves cost of fuel and emissions to drive to a public restroom. Also, poorly serviced bathrooms and open field defecation bring to society the risk of cholera, malaria and other human waste related epidemics.

Is it ok to throw discarded pee and poop in the garbage can?

Soiled diapers of children and adults are legally discarded in public and household garbage cans. Under US safety regulations (OSHA Regulation: 29 CFR 1910.1030(b)) the US Government does not consider bagged urine and feces as a “regulated waste”. Therefore, it can be discarded as normal garbage. However, if you have a medical condition that leads to visible blood in your waste, OSHA advises it should be discarded into biohazard-red labeled containers. We advise if you witness blood in your waste, present the bag’s contents to your doctor ASAP.