• Braves Fan

    For sporting events, the Gotta Go Poncho restroom system is an essential item. I wont miss a play in the coming baseball season regardless of amount of beer and hotdogs I consume.

  • Jane Miami Resident

    I love concerts in the park…pikniking with good friends and cold beer on warm summer nights. That is until I have to walk to the periphery of the park to wait in line for the filthy port-a-john. And then weave my way back to the front of the crowd to find my friends and our spot. Gotta Go Poncho is a clean toilet that fits into the picnic basket. It even provides wipes to clean hands before I reach for the bag of the potato chips.

  • Pharmaceuticals Representative

    I call on a private pediatric clinics that are spread through the suburbs and towns of Texas. So a lot of my time is spent driving from meeting to meeting. When nature calls during the long drives I pull over, unimpeded and reach for the GGP. The last thing I need is to be written up for an indecent exposure citation. My company is rather strict on the reputation of its sales force. Gotta Go Poncho mitigates that risk.

  • Claire Interior Designer

    Gotta-Go-Poncho marks the end of the public toilet.

  • Captain Mike

    I run commercial in shore fishing charters where small skiffs are the only option due to the shallow waters. Due to the size of the boat, there is no room for a head (toilet). The Gotta Go Poncho allows my customers privacy while at the same time offers a better waste disposal option

  • Sean Peace Corps

    My wife had refused to travel to developing countries because of the unsanitary toilets at the road stops. For me, cruddy bathrooms are not a big deal as I spent 5 years in Indonesia on a Peace Corps mission. But for her it’s a different story… We experimented with Gotta Go Poncho on a road trip to see our daughter in Atlanta and were delighted to discover there was a super-convenient and sanitary option available. Now we are planning a 10 day trip to Russia this summer. Checklist: passport, rubbles, meds, and Gotta Go Poncho.